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clinically speaking

another test?
not as invasive as the one last week
you said the scan was clear
you said not to worry
well… yes
if it was clear, doesn’t that mean that nothing is there???

well… technically… nothing is one-hundred percent

well… then, don’t one-hundred percent tell me that a scan is clear
and don’t one-hundred percent tell me not to worry


I, one-hundred percent hang on every word you say

© 2014 lMc

little signs #2… not so newlyweds

this series titled little signs is inspired by years of covertly listening to and later participating in ‘squawk talk’ — as my son-in-law calls it… women of all ages gathering together to dissect relationship issues.

not so newlyweds

friday night


rushes through
front door

grabs cold beer
not Her hot ass

©  2014 lMc

another little sign

a kitchen rag, neglected, stiff,
dry as dust, hangs from a rusty
nail in the laundry room

because they forget to remove
it, it has become a part of the
landscape of their lives

this has her mother worried

Desert Wolf

for my brother Mark

Coyotes’ unbound
cuts clear, triggers
a chilly disquiet
Indigo backdrop reveals
gnarled juniper contours
between sunsets’ scarlet
and jagged canyon

Coyotes’ whiskers, tickle
and ravines, an ochre
Thin, wind whispered
probe the lonesome
Coyote raises pointed
to swollen Luna and

© 2011 lMc


cool blade pierces pungent melon
seeds flood onto cutting board
we succumb to succulent
full-blown tones of
sunset flesh
wrists and elbows
light mist of fruit flies
flitting ……. shooting stars!

© lMc

haiku ~ seasons


I answer the phone
hospital with test results
fat robin tugs worm

© 2014 lMc

Druidic Maiden

While others no doubt take pleasure in open meadows, scent of flowers

I with hair in shades of apricot and flax
chide the Predicants’ homily extolling
golden power

and skirt the fringes of Sun spilled days,
choose instead to inhabit somber forests,
dance barefoot in dank cool recesses,
the solace of estuaries cloaked in moss

watchful of pale skin touching Suns’ Blades
that scorch so and leave tell-tale roses
across buttermilk cheeks

© 2004 lMc

What’s a Formal Girl to Say with an Invitation Like That? by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

A poem by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer from her WP blog

a hundred falling veils

What’s a Formal Girl to Say with an Invitation Like That?.

In her blog she writes a poem a day. Quite a challenge?  She’s up to it, brilliantly! Check it out, every day I am moved …


I haven’t heard a word

neither The Word
a lead-bellied anvil drop

nor the word
a spiders’ web floating off on a breeze

Any word is preferable to

“No word, yet…”

© 2014 lMc

Star In Her Eye

raising a rare girl

Shedding Light on Mental Illness

The triumphs and struggles of living with bipolar disorder

Crest, Cliff & Canyon

Landscape Photography by A. Jackson Frishman

A Hundred Falling Veils

there's a poem in every day

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Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

Insight. . . !

A little writing space which means a lot for a young man to express his immature thoughts.

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