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I walked into a High School classroom after a Speech Competition and was inspired by all the shapes and light — they could be anything when I squinted down… so I got out my camera and ‘made it so.’



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generous geranium

Up close and personal with a favorite of mine. The large windows in my home, along with plenty of sunshine, keep my geraniums blooming all year round.

Mom's Photos 2005.2006 240-003


© 2011 lMc

still life with… zulu plant


© lMc

This Zulu plant took root in my heart. There’s something life affirming about its crisp, clean, fleshy leaves and ability to tolerate low light and little water.

The stems have  hearty bulbs with hemp-like snaking roots that weave themselves into a tight basket.

Last autumn I repotted it into a massive glass container adding  geodes, crystals, nuts, bolts, Lego’s and small branches. I spent the long winter watching the roots wend their way around each other embracing the  obstacles I placed in their path.

joy ~ caliroe

still life with… moving lines

              Fence Posts with Shadows… Artist: The Sun

© lMc

joy ~ caliroe

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary.

The theme this week is Solitary.

I was able to capture a number of shots that would fit the theme quite well but I kept coming back to this image. A slightly dry leaf standing alone under a metal-mesh table and chairs at a sidewalk restaurant.

The sun was brilliant and the shadows from the table and chairs were intriguing! Here was this little leaf —  its stem a tiny exclamation point. I couldn’t  look away.


Sept 2012: downtown, leaf, in shadow under metal tables.

joy ~ caliroe                                       © 2013 lMc

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