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When I was eleven we lived in Puerto Rico. The currents and riptide’s are unbelievable in late winter and spring. That year I got my first Mod Bikini! I was caught in a riptide and dragged out about one-quarter mile… my bikini top was AWOL when I reached shore! :0 The trials of teenhood! I bought a one piece later that day.
This tempura painting is a ‘quick draw’ sketch from a childhood memory. I did it in a childlike style to enhance the emotion of the piece.

How it feels at 11

How it feels at 11

I study and teach classical figure drawing and painting. It’s amazing how quickly one becomes comfortable with the human form. Students come in and avert their eyes, quickly look at the model and try to draw from memory. They get over it by about the third class. šŸ™‚
Mom's Photos 2005.2006 001-001

Ā© lMc


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far.

I have two landscape photos from my archives. It’s amazing how many ‘lost’ pictures are ‘discovered’ in files and boxes, as well as undeveloped film in canisters tossed aside in drawers.

I love photographic perspective in desert scenes, you can pretty much go anywhere with filters etc. to create a mood from any era. The shot directly below is from a trip I took to Arizona more than fifteen years ago with one of my daughters who was looking at schools for her Masters program.

The road between us felt lonely and stretched out, Although we had been in daily close contact, time away at St Johns College in Santa Fe grew her in ways we both didn’t quite understand.

We were silently trying to gain perspective on what our lives and futures were going to look like as mother and daughter and friends…together and apart.


In our valley there is a small lake next the Colorado River. Our family likes to explore, fish, watch duck fights and wave at rafters floating past When the sun sets behind the hills the entireĀ area lights up like a flame!

Has it been that many decades since this same daughter I am traveling alongsideĀ in the story above was this tiny golden-haired nugget (below) illuminated by theĀ brilliantĀ setting sun?

joy ~ caliroe Ā  Ā  Ā Ā© lMc

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