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Melanie Safka – Brand New Key

It’s Spring Break. Kids are out in the streets on bikes and skates etc.
This song keeps playing over and over in my head just like it did when it first came out and we were all singing it … and I was dressing like Melanie! 😉


swimming lesson

I drift in the pool
listening underwater
to the puddled
music of children

Their polymorphous
figures play Shark
as they dart, scream,
arms flailing in mock fear

How, then, should I deal
with this ravenous Shark
lurking in these antiseptic
grey – blue shadows ?

Should I dart and scream,
flail my arms in fear? Or
shape – shift and align
with my own silent predator…

“Are you warm enough, dear?
Just a quick poke, you’re going
to feel drowsy, take a deep
breath and count backward from ten…”

© 2014 lMc

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