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still life with… zulu plant


© lMc

This Zulu plant took root in my heart. There’s something life affirming about its crisp, clean, fleshy leaves and ability to tolerate low light and little water.

The stems have  hearty bulbs with hemp-like snaking roots that weave themselves into a tight basket.

Last autumn I repotted it into a massive glass container adding  geodes, crystals, nuts, bolts, Lego’s and small branches. I spent the long winter watching the roots wend their way around each other embracing the  obstacles I placed in their path.

joy ~ caliroe


still life with… moving lines

              Fence Posts with Shadows… Artist: The Sun

© lMc

joy ~ caliroe

still life… the dancing fountain

Conducting the Symphony: Ode To A Dancing Water Fairie.





I took my sandals off to join in…  someone passing by took that picture ~

joy ~ caliroe                                         © 2012 lMc

still life… under a sky


I’ve traveled throughout this country and around the world while growing up. One constant besides my family was the sky, moon and stars. I simply knew it was the same sky no matter where I was on earth. The thought was comforting to a little girl.

Thirty years ago  I settled in Colorado my adopted home state and now I know not all skies are alike! Oh, there are absolutely gorgeous skies in fabulous places but I love my big Western sky!

Now when I travel, if I can’t see a huge sky all around I feel claustrophobic.


Mt. Garfield shrouded in mystery

Arizona sky…  traveling with my daughter years back. It took us twice the time to get where we were going because I kept pulling over and taking photos. Then she took over the driving and I had to shoot with my head halfway out the window ! ( I asked her once if she “could turn around at the next exit and drive past a field of cows again… “the sun’s so perfect?”

“No mom, I couldn’t!”


on the road again…                             © lMc

joy ~ caliroe

still life with … experiments in photography

At times it’s challenging to appreciate the delicacy and intricate shapes of the blooms on my Christmas Cactus when I’m so easily distracted by the vibrant red color. That’s why I chose black and white for this shot. It reminds me of a Cockatoo.


Can Van Gogh forgive me for shooting these ‘Large Sunny Yellow’ Sunflowers in Black and White? I’m beginning to appreciate shape, form, line, shadow and texture over color most of the time. Forgive me Vincent….


More Sunflowers, smaller this time, peek out of some vines.  © 2011 lMc

joy  ~ caliroe

still light moves

                         still shadows ripple run

Late Saturday morning at the local coffee shop a barista clears the floor under the counter to sweep and prepare for a second wave of customers.  Light-falls on the chairs… across the floor… lines,  shapes,  forms,  ripple-runs…. all within the basic element of stillness … this catches my breath.

© 2009 lMc

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