clinically speaking

another test?
not as invasive as the one last week
you said the scan was clear
you said not to worry
well… yes
if it was clear, doesn’t that mean that nothing is there???

well… technically… nothing is one-hundred percent

well… then, don’t one-hundred percent tell me that a scan is clear
and don’t one-hundred percent tell me not to worry


I, one-hundred percent hang on every word you say

© 2014 lMc


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playing in the mediums of poetry, photography, art and life. practicing the discipline of zen.

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  1. Nothing is making any sense on where “comments” are going, and this comment probably isn’t in the right place either, but so be it. The bottom line is that I don’t have the comments you asked me about (lines #2)…can’t find any record of them. Wish I could help, but I think it’s a WordPress problem, glitch, malfunction of the frumious bandersnatch… or something!


    • 🙂 hmmmmn… how shall I work “frumious bandersnatch” into a poem or haiku?
      oh, wait, you’ve probably already accomplished that one, Sensai! 😉


    • *hahaha* Well, I wouldn’t be too eager to incorporate “frumious bandersnatch” into a poem if I were you! As I’m sure you know, that’s already been done! By Lewis Carroll in his poem “Jabberwocky” in his book “Through the Looking Glass.” “Jabberwocky” is eminently forgettable as literature but makes a helluva point grabber in Scrabble! *hehe*

      Happy FD of S, Laegan!



    • Oh dear! “Jabberwocky!”
      and I even had to memorize that ** poem and recite it aloud!
      speaks volumes about rote memorization doesn’t it?


    • Yes! I hated memorizing most things…crappola poetry especially! But I memorized “Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening” (in college…just because I wanted to) and still can recite it letter perfect…the same with Frost’s “Fire and Ice.”


  2. Hahaha! It does mean that you also believe in miracles. Isn’t it so, Caliroe? But when it comes to reality, many among us consider it as an illogical thing to hold on. As per my perspective, life is all about experiences and we must have to move together with every single moment in it. Well, have you ever read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne? 🙂

    – Rahul


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