waiting for the groom ~ photo


I ‘pushed’ this photo until I achieved an abstracted feel.

My youngest daughter and her flower girl, my granddaughter, waiting …

© 2004 lMc


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  1. A lovely work of art by any reasonable definition! It reminds me of looking through a rainy window. Other than that I’ll have to remain silent or risk revealing my abysmal ignorance of visual art. 🙂



    • a rainy window effect is exactly what I was going for! 🙂
      and, Ron, never keep silent … there is no such thing as an abysmal ignorance of visual art… unless you are hanging with a ‘hoity-toity artsy-crowd” and really… how fun is that? :O


    • Oh…if you knew me better…or could talk to my wife, you would know that I NEVER keep quiet. But in some instances, I do follow the maxim often attributed to Lincoln or Twain concerning keeping silent and being thought a fool. Taking part in a discussion about art is one of those instances. That said, the photo remains a scintillating work of art. I think Lincoln or Twain would agree with that! 🙂



    • Haha! I’m sailing on the same loquacious ship, Ron!
      Though I do lean more toward a Lincoln – Douglas debate… following your Lincoln/Twain example is where I’m heading… thats why I practise Zen! LOL
      ~ Laegan


    • Is there a good introductory book on Zen that you would recommend? I’ve read two or three books on different “flavors” of Buddhism but nothing specific to Zen. One of my prized possessions is Blyth’s complete 6-vol. set on Haiku with one of the volumes being “Zen In English Literature and Oriental Classics.” The Zen volume is pretty heavy sledding, but still very helpful in my understanding of Japanese haiku. Anyhooo…if you could suggest a good intro. book on Zen, I would appreciate it greatly. Tanx! –Ron–


    • Ron, I am not familiar with Blyth… now I have something to look forward to reading! 🙂
      I’ve been sitting in Drs. offices the past several days :/ so it’s given me time to ponder your question about books on Zen. My mind keeps going back to three different authors:
      Shunryu Suzuki’s – Zen Mind, Beginners Mind is an accessible book from a solid Zen teacher.
      Thich Nhat Hanh – 🙂
      Pema Chodron – 🙂
      The reason I’m leaving the book recommendation blank for the last two is the basic Zen tennent that you discover your own path. If you peruse their book lists online etc. you’ll find each other (you and the books.)
      My last little nugget is something I believe you will wrestle with and thoroughly enjoy the process at the same time. I typically don’t suggest this book to anyone, but your keen insight and Haiku mind will handle this one well.
      bring me the rhinoceros: and other zen koans that will save your life by John Tarrant

      mine is all dog-eared and highlighted and I laugh at myself when I finally ‘get it!”

      peace and calm ~Laegan


    • Superb and helpful comments…will reply in more detail when I’m feeling better. *sigh*


    • If only I had a superb and helpful comment now… * sigh*
      In my personal experience;
      “I hope you get to feeling better soon” can feel like pressure sometimes, (though well meaning.)
      sending the energy of peace and calm to you and those you love ~ Laegan


    • We are friends, and words are really quite unnecessary. Just to know you care is enough. My wife and I are feeling better and will be back to normal in a day or two. My puny little cold pales in comparison with the stress of what you are enduring with your mother’s condition, and you (and she) are continually in my prayers. In all your care for others, remember to take care of YOU! ((warm hugs)) — Ron


    • Ron,
      So glad to hear you and your wife are on the mend!
      (Embarrassed smiley face) Actually… the one poem about my mother is an old one that I wrote in 2003 after she died. The copyright year is small.
      I am the one currently going through the frustrating medical issues I am writing the other poems about..
      I will be well…
      ~ Laegan


    • Laegan, please forgive me for reading your posts without understanding and without my Critical Thinking Unit energized! Perhaps I don’t really want to know or perhaps you would prefer not to say…but is there a name and a face to your medical ills? In one of your latest posts, some of the tags would suggest some type of cancer. Am I misreading again?


    • Ron… if you have a Critical Thinking Unit please tell me where I can get one for myself. I’ll happily exchange it for my current “Vague Wandering around, Wondering and Worrying Unit!!! 😉 LOL
      As to your question… the simple answer to a complex issue is that there is a nasty Gene that has taken all the women in my family (for generations) in their ‘prime’… it’s called MEN 1. Steve Jobs died from the same rare type of pancreatic cancer that my family members did. I am vigilant when it comes to my pancreas. There are many other issues/disease processes that can go along with MEN 1… I am dealing with this now.
      I am not feeling well but I will be well, my friend! 😉
      ~ Laegan



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