still life… under a sky


I’ve traveled throughout this country and around the world while growing up. One constant besides my family was the sky, moon and stars. I simply knew it was the same sky no matter where I was on earth. The thought was comforting to a little girl.

Thirty years ago  I settled in Colorado my adopted home state and now I know not all skies are alike! Oh, there are absolutely gorgeous skies in fabulous places but I love my big Western sky!

Now when I travel, if I can’t see a huge sky all around I feel claustrophobic.


Mt. Garfield shrouded in mystery

Arizona sky…  traveling with my daughter years back. It took us twice the time to get where we were going because I kept pulling over and taking photos. Then she took over the driving and I had to shoot with my head halfway out the window ! ( I asked her once if she “could turn around at the next exit and drive past a field of cows again… “the sun’s so perfect?”

“No mom, I couldn’t!”


on the road again…                             © lMc

joy ~ caliroe


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playing in the mediums of poetry, photography, art and life. practicing the discipline of zen.

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  1. Those are fantastic photos of the sky. 😉


  2. I love my big sky too.. it is surprising how little of the skies I noticed while growing up, especially during the day. I wonder if the clouds are indeed further up in India 🙂


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