still life… Weekly Photo Challenge (theme of the week ~ free spirit)

When summer began last year —  wildfires raged across Colorado leaving massive swaths of scarred earth.  Char and debris lay alongside pristine wilderness.

The hot winds produced by the fires influenced the mild weather patterns we enjoy in our valley.

All summer long Monsoon’s blew through and instantly turned play-filled outdoor mornings into blustery, soggy, cold afternoons.

My grandchildren are hearty outdoor people like most Coloradans. They have a deeply feral nature. But when wild weather fluctuations took place and their friends took to the indoors… they continued to dig and explore to their hearts delight.

My youngest granddaughter is the dictionary definition of a free spirit. She acclimated to changes in temperature by wearing a swim suit all summer long! It’s a battle to get shoes on those feet!

Between cloud bursts she would run outside, hop on her tricycle and gleefully ride through puddles screaming like a Banshee. Afterward she took little cars and ran them along the dried mud tracks the trike wheels left behind.

She’d take huge chunks of sidewalk chalk and turn cold wet pavement into thick, creamy paintings. When skies hinted of another cloud burst she’d wait for plops and splashes of raindrops to melt and run the colors into abstract shapes.

Then she’d squeal and dance in the painting!


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  1. Northern Narratives

    Wonderful post of a true free spirit.


  2. Add another link on the DP page as your original one is broken. 🙂


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