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Melanie Safka – Brand New Key

It’s Spring Break. Kids are out in the streets on bikes and skates etc.
This song keeps playing over and over in my head just like it did when it first came out and we were all singing it … and I was dressing like Melanie! ūüėČ

clinically speaking

another test?
not as invasive as the one last week
you said the scan was clear
you said not to worry
well… yes
if it was clear, doesn’t that mean that nothing is there???

well… technically… nothing is one-hundred percent

well… then, don’t one-hundred percent tell me that a scan is clear
and don’t one-hundred percent tell me not to worry


I, one-hundred percent hang on every word you say

© 2014 lMc

little signs #2… not so newlyweds

this series titled little signs¬†is inspired¬†by years of covertly listening to and later participating in ‘squawk talk’ — as my son-in-law calls it… women of all ages gathering together to dissect relationship issues.

not so newlyweds

friday night


rushes through
front door

grabs cold beer
not Her hot ass

©  2014 lMc

another little sign

a kitchen rag, neglected, stiff,
dry as dust, hangs from a rusty
nail in the laundry room

because they forget to remove
it, it has become a part of the
landscape of their lives

this has her mother worried

turquoise eyes

we hold each others gaze

I memorize her face

while changing her clothes

her hair is unkempt, in swatch’s

radiation tattoos dot her left side

pancreatic cancer – hereditary – is

taking her away… too

sixty-four years old, stick thin

legs as fragile as her memory

my mother – suddenly my charge

her dry turquoise eyes dart back

and forth, searching, she’s anxious,

“my doll? my favorite doll!”

(hiding in the recesses of her mind)

hospice mentioned she may regress

become childlike

I cry softly when it happens

her voice… ¬†high and small

“if we were sisters we would fight over dolls…”

my voice… soothing

“mmm and you¬†have the best dolls¬†don’t you, Beverly?”

she sighs… slowly smiles… “thank you mama

my turquoise eyes

dart back and forth


© 2003 lMc

Desert Wolf

for my brother Mark

Coyotes’ unbound
cuts clear, triggers
a chilly disquiet
Indigo backdrop reveals
gnarled juniper contours
between sunsets’ scarlet
and jagged canyon

Coyotes’ whiskers, tickle
and ravines, an ochre
Thin, wind whispered
probe the lonesome
Coyote raises pointed
to swollen Luna and

© 2011 lMc


cool blade pierces pungent melon
seeds flood onto cutting board
we succumb to succulent
full-blown tones of
sunset flesh
wrists and elbows
light mist of fruit flies
flitting ……. shooting stars!

© lMc

haiku ~ seasons


I answer the phone
hospital with test results
fat robin tugs worm

© 2014 lMc

Druidic Maiden

While others no doubt take pleasure in open meadows, scent of flowers

I with hair in shades of apricot and flax
chide the Predicants’ homily extolling
golden power

and skirt the fringes of Sun spilled days,
choose instead to inhabit somber forests,
dance barefoot in dank cool recesses,
the solace of estuaries cloaked in moss

watchful of pale skin touching Suns’ Blades
that scorch so and leave tell-tale roses
across buttermilk cheeks

© 2004 lMc

ghost (tweet)

I HAD to reblog this post! When the truth scrolls past I have to stop and ponder.

is this anything

As I get older, I find that the past doesn’t haunt me the way it used to. But sometimes, now, I haunt it.


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lunch© 2014 lMc

waiting for the groom ~ photo


I ‘pushed’ this photo until I achieved an abstracted feel.

My youngest daughter and her flower girl, my granddaughter, waiting …

© 2004 lMc

pier at the lake ~ photo



This ‘pier’ is actually two wooden palettes some teen boys roped together and tied to a tree to use as a pier. I see kids fish off it all the time

© 2010 lMc


I walked into a High School classroom after a Speech Competition and was inspired¬†by all the shapes and light — they could be anything when I squinted down… so I got out my camera and ‘made it so.’



© 2010 lMc


generous geranium

Up close and personal with a favorite of mine. The large windows in my home, along with plenty of sunshine, keep my geraniums blooming all year round.

Mom's Photos 2005.2006 240-003


© 2011 lMc

this artist’s perspective

When I was eleven we lived in Puerto Rico. The currents and riptide’s are unbelievable in late winter and spring. That year I got my first Mod Bikini! I was caught in a riptide and dragged out about one-quarter mile… my bikini top was AWOL when I reached shore! :0 The trials of teenhood! I bought a one piece later that day.
This tempura painting is a ‘quick draw’ sketch from a childhood memory. I did it in a childlike style to enhance the emotion of the piece.

How it feels at 11

How it feels at 11

I study and teach classical figure drawing and painting. It’s amazing how quickly one becomes comfortable with the human form. Students come in and avert their eyes, quickly look at the model and try to draw from memory. They get over it by about the third class. ūüôā
Mom's Photos 2005.2006 001-001

© lMc

medical shorthand


CA 19-9


will someone, please, look at ME ?

© 2014 lMc

What’s a Formal Girl to Say with an Invitation Like That? by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

A poem by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer from her WP blog

a hundred falling veils

What’s a Formal Girl to Say with an Invitation Like That?.

In her blog she writes a poem a day. Quite a challenge? ¬†She’s up to it, brilliantly! Check it out, every day I am moved …

swimming lesson

I drift in the pool
listening underwater
to the puddled
music of children

Their polymorphous
figures play Shark
as they dart, scream,
arms flailing in mock fear

How, then, should I deal
with this ravenous Shark
lurking in these antiseptic
grey – blue shadows ?

Should I dart and scream,
flail my arms in fear? Or
shape – shift and align
with my own silent predator…

“Are you warm enough, dear?
Just a quick poke, you’re going
to feel drowsy, take a deep
breath and count backward from ten…”

© 2014 lMc



I haven’t heard a word

neither The Word
a lead-bellied anvil drop

nor the word
a spiders’ web floating off on a breeze

Any word is preferable to

“No word, yet…”

© 2014 lMc

still life with… zulu plant


© lMc

This Zulu plant took root in my heart. There’s something life affirming about its crisp, clean, fleshy leaves and ability to tolerate low light and little water.

The stems have  hearty bulbs with hemp-like snaking roots that weave themselves into a tight basket.

Last autumn I repotted it into a massive glass container adding ¬†geodes, crystals, nuts, bolts, Lego’s and small branches. I spent the long winter watching the roots wend their way around each other embracing the ¬†obstacles I placed in their path.

joy ~ caliroe

still life with… moving lines

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Fence Posts with Shadows… Artist: The Sun

© lMc

joy ~ caliroe

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary.

The theme this week is Solitary.

I was able to capture a number of shots that would fit the theme quite well but I kept coming back to this image. A slightly dry leaf standing alone under a metal-mesh table and chairs at a sidewalk restaurant.

The sun was brilliant and the shadows from the table and chairs were intriguing! Here was this little leaf —¬† its stem a tiny exclamation point. I couldn’t¬† look away.


Sept 2012: downtown, leaf, in shadow under metal tables.

joy ~ caliroe                                       © 2013 lMc

still life… the dancing fountain

Conducting the Symphony: Ode To A Dancing Water Fairie.





I took my sandals off to join in…¬† someone passing by took that picture ~

joy ~ caliroe                                         © 2012 lMc

still life… under a sky


I’ve traveled throughout this country and around the world while growing up.¬†One constant besides my family was the sky, moon and stars. I simply knew it was the same sky no matter where I was on¬†earth. The thought was comforting to a little girl.

Thirty years ago  I settled in Colorado my adopted home state and now I know not all skies are alike! Oh, there are absolutely gorgeous skies in fabulous places but I love my big Western sky!

Now when I travel, if I can’t see a huge sky all around I feel claustrophobic.


Mt. Garfield shrouded in mystery

Arizona sky…¬† traveling with my daughter years back. It took us twice the time to get where we were going because I kept pulling over and taking photos. Then she took over the driving and I had to shoot with my head halfway out the window ! ( I asked her once if she “could turn around at the next exit and drive past a field of cows again… “the sun’s so perfect?”

“No mom, I couldn’t!”


on the road again… ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬© lMc

joy ~ caliroe

still life with … experiments in photography

At times it’s challenging to appreciate the delicacy and intricate shapes of the blooms on my Christmas Cactus when I’m so easily distracted by the vibrant red color. That’s why I chose black and white for this shot. It reminds me of a Cockatoo.


Can Van Gogh forgive me for shooting these ‘Large Sunny Yellow’ Sunflowers in Black and White? I’m beginning to appreciate shape, form, line, shadow and texture over color most of the time. Forgive me Vincent….


More Sunflowers, smaller this time, peek out of some vines.  © 2011 lMc

joy  ~ caliroe

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far.

I have two landscape photos from my archives. It’s amazing how many ‘lost’ pictures are ‘discovered’ in files and boxes, as well as undeveloped film in canisters tossed aside in drawers.

I love photographic perspective in desert scenes, you can pretty much go anywhere with filters etc. to create a mood from any era. The shot directly below is from a trip I took to Arizona more than fifteen years ago with one of my daughters who was looking at schools for her Masters program.

The road between us felt lonely and stretched out, Although we had been in daily close contact, time away at St Johns College in Santa Fe grew her in ways we both didn’t quite understand.

We were silently trying to gain perspective on what our lives and futures were going to look like as mother and daughter and friends…together and apart.


In our valley there is a small lake next the Colorado River. Our family likes to explore, fish, watch duck fights and wave at rafters floating past When the sun sets behind the hills the entire area lights up like a flame!

Has it been that many decades since this same daughter I am traveling alongside in the story above was this tiny golden-haired nugget (below) illuminated by the brilliant setting sun?

joy ~ caliroe      © lMc

still life… Weekly Photo Challenge (theme of the week ~ free spirit)

When summer began last year —¬† wildfires raged across Colorado leaving massive swaths of scarred earth.¬† Char and debris lay alongside pristine wilderness.

The hot winds produced by the fires influenced the mild weather patterns we enjoy in our valley.

All summer long Monsoon’s blew through and instantly turned play-filled outdoor mornings into blustery,¬†soggy, cold afternoons.

My grandchildren are hearty outdoor people like most Coloradans. They have a deeply feral nature. But when wild weather fluctuations took place and their friends took to the indoors… they continued to dig and explore to their hearts delight.

My youngest granddaughter is the dictionary definition of a free spirit. She acclimated to changes in temperature¬†by wearing a swim suit all summer long! It’s a battle to get shoes on those feet!

Between cloud bursts she would run outside, hop on her tricycle and gleefully ride through puddles screaming like a Banshee. Afterward she took little cars and ran them along the dried mud tracks the trike wheels left behind.

She’d take huge chunks of sidewalk chalk and turn cold wet pavement into thick, creamy paintings. When skies hinted of another cloud burst she’d wait for plops and splashes of raindrops to melt and run the colors into abstract shapes.

Then she’d squeal and dance in the painting!


© 2010 lMc

still life… merge

© 2009 lMc

This weeks photo challenge is Merge.

The softness of my granddaughters tiny, round feet juxtaposed against the linear design on the sofa cushions and angular shadows create a sense of merge.


© 2009 lMc

Every summer on Thursday evenings our downtown closes off Main Street for Farmers Market.

At four P.M. it’s downtown business as usual … an hour later the transformation is magical.

Alongside produce stands, you’ll find local performers freely sharing their gifts… musicians, magicians, jugglers, artists painting children’s faces and painting en plein aire, dancers of all types draw crowds… and there is so much food. There is the feel of a laid back festival.

The tree-lined street provides¬†shade while people visit, eat… and mothers nurse babies.

Summer is lush here in its abundance of the fruits of all manner of labor.

still light moves

                         still shadows ripple run

Late Saturday morning at the local coffee shop a barista clears the floor under the counter to sweep and prepare for a second wave of customers.¬† Light-falls on the chairs… across the floor… lines,¬† shapes,¬† forms,¬† ripple-runs…. all within the basic element of stillness … this catches my breath.

© 2009 lMc

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